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The Stylist Startup education course is an entire roadmap that will give you access to the business know-how and foundational elements of hairstyling with tangible approaches and simplified techniques. We're taking the guesswork and doubt out of learning and starting up a bridal hair business!

You're here because you're invested in this business of yours - whether it's a vision or rapidly growing, there's something for everyone in The Stylist Startup. I'm so excited for you to get into it and can't wait to connect!! Scroll to learn more and join us at the introductory price today!

The Goods

This education course is meant to be an all inclusive guide to starting up and building a thriving bridal hairstyling business. Learn business AND hairstyling components to give you the essentials you can build on throughout your career. Here are some of the course benefits and features:

  • A first of it's kind, this education is specifically created for and from the perspective of aspiring, newer, or building bridal hairstylists

  • A combination of presentations and videos that breakdown all of the essentials in the hair business and hairstyling techniques to teach strong foundations you can continually build upon

  • Templates, downloads, and client information to elevate and create balance in your business and client experiences

  • Demonstration videos for techniques as well as full length tutorials for hairstyles - all with a beachy, boho aesthetic

  • A community of learners for support and guidance right here on this platform and free monthly virtual check-ins to connect and learn!

  • Join whenever and get instant, lifetime access. Work at your own pace online whenever it's convenient for you - learn on your own terms

Course Curriculum

    1. I'm so happy you're here!

    2. Here's what we'll be covering

    3. A quick note before you go

    1. Introduction

    2. Just Starting

    3. Other Licenses & Insurance

    4. Working Structures

    5. Taxes (but not a CPA!)

    6. Downloadable Business Expenses Checklist

    7. Pricing

    8. Services, Add-ons, Minimums, and Travel

    1. Introduction

    2. Creating a Business Email

    3. Step by Step - Create a Business Gmail Account

    4. Website and Inquiry Form

    5. Explore My Website

    6. Booking Platforms

    7. Exploring Square

    8. Step by Step - Entire Square Booking Platform Walkthrough

    9. Additional Step by Step - Taking Payments on Square

    10. Additional Step by Step - Square Apps

    11. Excel Tracking

    12. Downloadable Excel Sheet

    13. Helpful Business Apps

    14. Links for Editable Canva Templates for Hair Timelines and Prep

    15. Social Media, Branding, and Niching

    16. Downloadable Content Ideas

    17. Emails and Contracts

    18. Downloadable Email Templates

    19. Downloadable Contract Template

    20. You, The Professional

    21. The Client Experience

    22. Check-in

    1. Introduction

    2. Tools and Brands

    3. Products and Brands

    4. Supplies and Brands

    5. Downloadable Tools, Products, and Supplies Kit Lists

    6. Cosmo School Refresh (Styling Specifics)

    7. Principles of Design

    8. The Client Consult

    9. Downloadable Client Consult Questions

    10. Breaking Down Inspo Photos

    11. Workspace Setup

    12. Kit Setup

    1. Introduction

    2. Base Positions and Reference Points

    3. Demonstration - Base Positions (with teasing and curling examples)

    4. Demonstration - Locating Reference Points

    5. Sectioning for Styling

    6. Demonstration - Sectioning for Styling

    7. Curling 101

    8. Demonstration - Classic Beach Waves

    9. Demonstration - Wand Waves

    10. Demonstration - Textured Waves

    11. Teasing 101

    12. Demonstration - Teasing for Styling

    13. Demonstration - Teasing with Base Positions

    14. Braiding 101

    15. Demonstration - Regular 3 Strand Braid

    16. Demonstration - Regular Fishtail Braid

    17. Demonstration - Inside Out (Dutch) 3 Strand Braid

    18. Demonstration - Inside Out (Dutch) Fishtail Braid

    19. Demonstration - Bubble Braid

    20. Demonstration - Topsy Tail

    21. Twisting 101

    22. Demonstration - Twisting

    23. Clip-in Extensions

    24. Downloadable Clip-in Extensions Information for Clients

    25. Demonstration - Clip-in Extensions

    26. Check-in

    1. Product Knowledge Introduction


  • $275.00
  • 82 lessons
  • 7 hours of video content


  • Who is The Stylist Startup Education Course good for?

    This education was specifically created for aspiring, newer, or building bridal hairstylists as we cover foundational knowledge and skills. However, there is also a lot of business information that any bridal hairstylist may find helpful!

  • What is required to access this content?

    After you enroll and create a Thinkific account for free, you'll need a digital device (computer or tablet). You'll login to the Thinkific platform where this education is hosted to access content - it will keep track of your progress as you go.

  • How long will I have access to the content?

    You get LIFETIME ACCESS to The Stylist Startup and any education/resources you purchase!! And this also means access to any updated versions that are uploaded here.

  • How long does it take to complete this Stylist Startup education?

    It is completely self-paced with lifetimes access - so you can take as long or as little time as you need to complete it! It's a lot of information and learning, so feel free to take your time and/or come back to it anytime. You can navigate the modules however makes sense for you, but I do suggest moving in the order they're presented and really taking the time to take notes, study, and practice to get the most out of it!

  • Will I get a certificate of completion or any credits towards education programs by completing The Stylist Startup?

    At this time, you will not receive either. This education does not apply to any other program/education. Completion is done on your own time and though you won't have a certificate, you'll still have SO much knowledge!

  • Can I make a return or exchange after purchasing this Stylist Startup education?

    Of course, I hope you're happy with the content. But unfortunately due to the digital, instant access of the education, returns or exchanges aren't possible. There is a breakdown of the content above, as well as who it's for, to see if it's a good fit before purchasing and if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out If there is an issue with accessing anything within the education, please let me know and we can troubleshoot.

  • Is this education suitable for all countries?

    At this time, the education mostly applies to the career or bridal hairstyling, regardless of location. However, the first section "Business Foundations" outline US (specifically California) requirements and laws for schooling, licensing, insurance, working structures, and taxes so this section may not apply to all locations.

  • What if I need more in-depth training or support?

    Learning how to establish an entire business can definitely feel like a lot! If you're wanting more in-depth support or help with specific topics, please reach out or setup a virtual business or hairstyling session (found with all the other education and resources). I'd love to help!!